Melanie Woodard, LPC, CIHC

Integrative Health Coaching & Counseling

                            What to expect from your coaching partnership

After taking stock of what is truly important to you, you will strategize with the coach to identify goals that represent meaningful change.  Your coach will ask you powerful questions and listen with respect and empathy to guide you towards new perspectives and actions. Key steps reinforced throughout the coaching process are:

*identify your hopes                          *engage your strengths                          *build momentum

*take action                                       *anticipate and plan for obstacles       *create accountability  

At each point along the way, growth occurs.  You learn through successes and challenges, keeping your focus on the possibilities and progress that you create when you embrace change. 

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What is Integrative Health Coaching?

Based on years of research and practice, Duke Integrative Medicine designed and tested a specific approach for working with clients from a mind-body-spirit perspective.  This approach provides both flexibility and structure. As shown in the Wheel of Health, Integrative Health coaching incorporates conventional and complementary medicine and emphasizes creating balance in multiple areas that contribute to health and wellness. It has been successfully used to establish changes that result in enduring health benefits (source: Duke Integrative Medicine).